IntroducingMy Magic Booktracks Collection

Spanish BooktrackWhen we discovered Booktrack, we saw a whole new world open up before us where we could develop our skills as digital storytellers.

¿What is Booktrack?

Booktrack is a new product which falls under the category of digitally enhanced books, where a soundtrack, which includes music and sound effects, helps and enhances the reading experience of the tale.

Booktracks Apps include algorithms that calculate the reading speed of the person reading the book and thus synchronizes the soundtrack with the book so that the reader can enjoy the audio enhancement at the same time as reading.

With no voice content and with a soundtrack that is produced to follow your reading speed, Booktracks are a unique product, distinctive from texts with music and sound effects. If you like listening to music whilst reading, this product is for you!

And because we truly believe this is a complete disruptive format, in Magic Tales we've already begun to work on a new fairytale classic collection Booktrack production, where stories will come to life thanks to music and sound enhancement which is present from beginning to end. Available for Apple and Android.

Our collection can be accessed through the Booktrack website or via the Booktrack readers App, available for free at Apple Store and Google Play.

We hope that you enjoy your reading! We would be grateful if you could take some time to send us feedback via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Facebook or Twitter. You could also leave a comment on our booktrack pages inside Booktrack Site. We will keep developing tales and your feedback is very important for us.

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